Excel Graphics Pvt.Ltd.




Decorative Trims and Panels:
for Radio, TV, Transistors, Amplifiers, Refrigerators, Instruments, Switch-Gears, Sewing-Machines, etc...
Product ID Plates:
for AC, Fans, Scientific Instruments, Meters, Motors, Oil-Engines, Pumps, Radios, Refrigerators, Transformers, Switch-Gears, Sewing-Machines, Earth-Movers, Automobiles, Two-Wheelers, Three-Wheelers, Light / Heavy Motor Vehicles, etc.
Badges, Tokens, Lapel pins & Monograms:
for factories, Offices, Conventions, Jubilee Celebrations, etc.
Dials and Scales:
for Measuring, Recording and Scientific instruments, Automobiles, Electric, Water and Auto Meters, Machineries, Alarm-Clocks, Energy Meters, Weighing-Machines, Pressure-Gauges, etc.
Carts, Designs, Instrumentation & Data Plates, Instrument Panels:
for Electrical & Mechanical Equipments, Electronic Appliances, etc.

Multi-purpose Trays Desk Pen Rests
Foot Rules Cigarette Cases
Wall Plaques Desk-Slip Containers
Key-Chains Conversion Disks, Slide Tables
Wall / Table / Pocket / Wrist Watch Calendars
Photo Frames

All Are Made in Multi-Colored, Anodized Aluminum in Alluring Finishes.