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ANOAL MATT : A typical finish with Matt Anodized ground with matter in various colors, excellent for Meters, Electronics, Measuring and Recording Instruments, Pressure Gauges, etc. Withstands heavy wear and tear and atmospheric reaction.

: Fully Anodized, Long Life, for In-door use can be in multicolored plates in various gauges in various shapes and sizes. Ideal for Furniture, Fan, Radios, Light, Machinery, etc. Resists rust and corrosion, having Diamond Hard surface and colours permanently sealed in.

ANOWHITE : A special finish with Matt ground with raised shining letters ideal for Transistors, Motors, Appliances, Machinery, Dials, etc. An attractive finish for Eye-catching identification.

ANOFAST : Fully Anodized and Etched labels with raised letters and Fast Paint in the ground. Ideal for Motors, Transformers, Machines, etc. in various gauges and for exterior use.

ANOETCH : Fully Anodized plates with etched, raised letters. Best suited for Electric Motors, Oil Engines and Pumps, Lifts, Automobiles, Meters, Transformers, Machinery’s, Instruments, etc. Withstands corrosion, abrasion. Available in various gauges.

BRUSH : A special ground finish ideal for Handles, Decorations in broken or un-broken fine and heavy lines to give product that extra touch.

ANOVEER : A special finish giving the effect of Rare Wood in anodized aluminum. Ideal as decorations for Radios, Transistors, Amplifiers, Cabinets, Tape-Recorders, Instruments, Panels, Lifts, Fans, Furniture’s, etc. in various thickness up to 1 mm (20 SWG).

3-D : An extra-ordinary combination of various finishes and techniques to enhance the glamour of the products and impart the effect of richness with glossy velvet ground and shining etched letters. Ideal for Panels, Decorations, Radios, TV’s Instruments, etc., for exotic look.

VELVET : An exclusive grained ground finish to give the product a touch of distinction and excellence. Can be incorporated in Anoal, Anoetch finish. Ideal for Decoration, TV, Amplifiers etc., in multicolor.

EMBOSSED & DIAMOND CUT : For the special Eye-catching appeal and extra touch of elegance, Embossed labels are best with diamond cut letters in Silver or Golden colors be suited for Air-conditions, Refrigerators, Monograms, Logos, etc.

ANOWRITE : A very typical finish with specially treated white ground suitable for writing with any Ink, Pencil leaving un-erasable impression used for tags.